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Welcome to Made By Gemma, the site where Web Design and Digital Marketing come hand in hand.

Affordable web design for small businesses

If you’re a small business or someone looking to start up a business or organisation and in need of a website fast then Made By Gemma can help you!

Whether you need a one-page website or a website consisting of twenty pages Made By Gemma can help at an affordable price to suit your budget.

Quality websites to suit your niche

Websites built by Made By Gemma are easy to navigate with a clean modern approach for those who are looking for a professional finish.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Included with your website

What’s the use of having your own website if no ones ever going to see it? Made By Gemma ensures that your site will get optimised for the web the professional way. The world wide web is a deep blue sea with millions of websites going unseen every day, with SEO included with your web design, Made By Gemma can guarantee getting you to page one of Google the right way.

Web Design for Small Businesses

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Custom Illustrations

What Made By Gemma Offers

Web Design

Unique Web Design

If you’re looking for a modern clean professional website made to suit you or your business at an affordable price then Made By Gemma can help today!

Let’s be honest, there are so many website builders out there that are free and customisable so you may wonder why you’d want to spend that little bit more?

Custom web design

Everyone has there own style, and its the same with web design, therefore at Made By Gemma you can have your website flexible to suit you or your business. You wont be stuck down with one last final design for life, at made by gemma you can update your website anytime any place whether its a blog post content change or redesign you have your own freedom at an affordable budget.

Training and on-going support

Your website may be finished and squeaky clean but it doesn’t mean the project is finished, Made By Gemma is with you every step of the way with training and support for your website, ensuring you understand everything you need to know and confidence with managing and updating your website. So there’s no need to feel like you’re facing your website alone with support along the way #YouGotThis

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation for your Website

It’s great having a website but when you’re dumped in a deep dark hole on page 200 of Google is it even worth the hassle? Search engine optimisation can help your website get more traffic and leads to your website. 

Whether you already have a website or are looking at having the full package Made By Gemma can help.

What is SEO and how can it help YOU

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. Put simply, it’s a process to increase the visibility of your website within organic search results such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

The main goal in SEO is to increase organic rankings which is known as “natural search engine listing”. This raises the volume of web traffic and brand awareness to your business or blog leading to more conversions and leads.

Over the years SEO has come a long way and is very important for your website. SEO goes a long way – more than just rankings. As a Search Engine Optimisation specialist, I don’t only work on increasing the visibility of your website, I make sure the traffic you gain from increased organic search engine rankings actually converts and benefits your business financially by giving you monthly updates on how successful your business is growing.

The three main factors of SEO are the following:

  • The technical infrastructure and construction of websites
  • Great content
  • ‘Off-page’ factors (i.e. link popularity)

Of course, there is more to SEO but if you know, you know..

SO – If you think SEO is what you need to pull you out of that deep hole then get in touch.

Digital Marketing

I’ve had three years experience working in Digital Marketing. If you’re looking for SEO, whether you’re a small business just starting out or you’ve been around for a while and want to rank on Google, Bing and other search engines I can audit your website and give you feedback on what needs improving. PPC and Adwords Management

Whether you’re a small or large business PPC can turn your business around. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, meaning advertisers are charged for everytime someone clicks on your ads, so yes, I am that annoying person that helps clients get their ads plastered all over Google, Facebook, Instagram Bing and the lot, but hey it pays off.

What is included in Google Ads?

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Campaign Management
  • Bid Management
  • Remarketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Creation

Hey, Wanna Know More?

I'm Partnered with Google

I’ve been doing Google Ads for the past three years, it’d be a bit disappointing if i wasn’t a Google Partner right? Well I solemnly swear I am – not Harry Potter – But Google Certified. If you’re looking at Starting up Google Ads for your business today I can offer you a great deal on a budget to suit you, so get in touch today!

SEO - What is Search Engine Optimisation

SEO – What actually is SEO you may wonder?

Well it stands for Search Engine Optimisation – and in simpler forms it’s all about getting your website and your name ranking on top pages of Google, Bing Yahoo and other mainstream search engines. You can read more about SEO here.

Low Budget Price - High End Webiste

If you’re starting in out in the world wide web, whether you’re a small business or a musician I can happily design you a small (ten page max) website, whether you need a one pager or just five pages give me a bell and I’ll discuss a price to suit you!

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