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Do You Need SEO?

Have you recently had a website created and noticed little or no traffic being generated? Or have you been around on the search engines for few years hovering in between page 3 and 4 not getting the desired potential traffic to your website? Well search engine optimisation – known as SEO can help you in many ways! Majority of businesses can benefit from SEO, by choosing Made By Gemma to help you get through the crowd on search engines you can look forward to your business growing online!

What actually is SEO?

You’ll be surprised the amount of people that don’t know about SEO – and the little amount that do. So it’s Important for you to know what SEO actually is and how it can help your business, small or big SEO can do great wonders and if you haven’t got started with Search Engine Optimisation then lets begin!

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation abbreviated, put simply SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website organically throughout search engines, this is done by on page optimisation and off page optimisation and it has no fee involved, done the right way search engines will reward you with a great position – however it’s not all smooth sailing as there is a lot of competition on the net so getting SEO done the right way is crucial to your websites performance.

The main aim in SEO is to increase organic rankings, which is referred to as natural listings, this simply increases the volume of web traffic and brand identity which further leads to more conversions and higher sales throughout your website.

There are many Search Engine Optimisation Specialists out there but choosing Made By Gemma you can really see organic results, see the recent results in our Portfolio.

Who is SEO service for?

Made By Gemma provides Search Engine Optimisation in and around Birmingham for businesses small and big. With Specialising in Web Design Made By Gemma can ensure your website is funky and fresh as well as SEO optimised to the highest standards. Whether you’re a big business or small, it doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are in SEO is great for increasing brand awareness and helping small organisations being seen. Freelances, Small local businesses, huge corporations can all benefit from SEO with higher natural search listings.

How long does SEO take for real results?

As understandable as it is, everyone wants their business to succeed straight away however SEO isn’t done overnight. Search Engine Optimisation is a medium to long timely process. The average time you can start seeing real results can vary from one to three months, however depending on the search volume you can look at seeing page one results in a week or so, this is more common for blog post results.

The exact time needed for organic SEO improvements all varies, for an idea of what is needed in consideration see the following:

• Competition and search volume in your niche
• The quality of content you have on your website
• Your link profile (Internal and External Links)
• The age of your domain.
• Has your website been hit with a google penalty.

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How does SEO work?

Our Search Engine Optimisation specialist in Birmingham carries out a range of different complex actions to stay on track with the forever changing Google algorithm from search engines.

As much as search engines love great content, to tell you all the secrets and working cogs of SEO this would be a novel and a half to put on one page, so we’ll break it down for you.

The main three aspects of SEO:

  • Beautifully optimised content
  • Technical Infrastructure and design of websites
  • Off Page SEO (External and Internal Links).

Obviously there is are a LOT more aspects to SEO but we can’t give it all away! See here how SEO works. How much does SEO cost?

At Made By Gemma, Search Engine Optimisation can work three different ways.

We can perform a full technical SEO audit which will be a one of price depending on the size of your business / organisation with a full report on what you can improve on your website looking at a full backlink analysis alongside with on page improvements, including keyword research and content optimisation ideas.

Secondly after performing a technical SEO audit we can then implement these changes and take action working on your website using the latest best practises and tools.

Thirdly after analysing data and traffic to your website alongside with the audit we can see what will work best for your business whether this is SEO for a small business or large, Made By Gemma is happy to work around a SEO price plan that suits you and your business!

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